What does "Remember Login and Password" Mean?
By selecting the remember login or password options, your browser can recall this information for you. This allows us to not require you to have to supply this information every time you use this site. (Although we may ask you to re-enter your password if you have not visited this site recently.)

Important: You should choose a login and ID that can be easily remembered.  You may want to write this information down in a safe place.

Should I check these options or not?

If you are concerned that other people might accidentally order products or services from this site, DO NOT check either of the "Remember my ID & Password" boxes.

If you use a shared computer (in a library, Internet cafe, university, airport or other common area) DO NOT check the "Remember my login & Password" checkboxes.

How does the site remember my information?

This is accomplished by using a technology called persistent cookies. Briefly, a cookie is a small text file that gets written to your local hard drive.  Whenever you revisit this site the cookie is read in order to identify you.